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Privacy Policy

We collect no personal information about you when you visit our website unless you choose to provide this information to us. However, we collect and store certain information automatically. Here is how we handle information about your visit to our website.

What We Collect and Store Automatically
Even if you do nothing during your visit but browse through the website, read publications, or download information, we will gather and store certain information about your visit automatically. This information does not identify you personally. We automatically collect and store only the following information about your visit:

  1. The IP address (an IP address is a number that is assigned to each computer connected to the Internet) from which you access our website
  2. The type of browser and operating system used to access our site
  3. The date and time you access our site
  4. The pages you visit
  5. If you linked to our website from another website, the address of that website

We use the information we collect to count the number and type of visitors to the different pages on our site and to help us make our site more useful to visitors like you.

If You Choose to Provide Personal Information
You may choose to provide us with personal information on this website, including name and email. If you choose to provide blog comments, you must supply your name and email address. You can create an account as well. This information is collected only if specifically and knowingly provided by you. Personally identifying information you provide will be used only in connection with wildlifecrimetech.org or for such other purposes as are described at the point of collection. We also collect information on social media shares. We do not give or sell any personal information to a third party.

If You Send Us Email
You may choose to provide us with personal information in an email with a comment or question. We use the information to improve our service to you or to respond to your request. We will also log all emails sent to us through blog comments. Except for authorized law enforcement investigations, we do not share our email with any other outside organizations.

Use of Cookies or Other Tracking Devices
A "persistent cookie" is a small text file that is stored on your computer and makes it easy for you to move around a website without having to continually re-enter your name, password, preferences, etc. Our website does not use persistent cookies. A “session cookie” is a small text file that is not stored on your computer but is kept in memory while you are connected to our website and is erased when you close your browser. We use session cookies only to make your visit more productive for you.

Securing the Information We Collect Online
We are committed to properly securing the information we collect online. To help us accomplish this, we take the following steps:

  1. We employ internal access controls to ensure that only people who see your information are those with a need to do so to perform their official duties.
  2. We train relevant personnel on our privacy and security measures so that our personnel know what is required for our compliance.
  3. We regularly back up the information we collect online to insure against loss;
  4. We use technical controls to secure the information we collect online, including: encryption, firewalls, password protections, etc.
  5. We periodically test our security procedures to ensure personnel and technical compliance.
  6. We employ external access safeguards to identify and prevent unauthorized attempts or outsiders to hack into, or cause harm to, the information in our systems.

Tampering with this web site is against the law. If anyone tries to tamper with it, they may be punished under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act.

Links to Other Sites
Our website has links to a limited number of public and private organizations. When you follow a link to another website, you are no longer on this website and are subject to the privacy policy of the new site.