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Spotlight: Binomial Solutions is changing wildlife surveillance

Prize Winner Binomial Solutions is fighting wildlife crime

Welcome to an installment of our Spotlight series, highlighting each of our 16 Prize Winners working to combat wildlife crime around the globe. Find out about our winners here, and check back in on Mondays for a new Spotlight post.

Prize Winner Binomial Solutions is changing the face of wildlife surveillance technology. Boosting traditional wildlife surveillance, such as ranger foot patrols or fixed cameras that only operate in visible light, Binomial Solution’s co-founders Ravikant Singh and Raja Brij Bhushan developed a new system, called e-Eye®, that addresses these issues. e-Eye® is a solar-powered, round-the-clock, all-weather wildlife surveillance system that uses intelligent technology to flag and respond to human activity and potential problems while also collecting data on animals without disturbing them.

Singh and Bhushan don’t have a background in conservation, but they care deeply about human-wildlife conflict affecting their communities in India. Though they don’t have a background in conservation, they saw an opportunity to apply their engineering skills and help people and wildlife. “We studied anti-poaching activities, monitoring, counting, any activities going on with regards to wildlife conservation, and found out that technology is not being used that much,” says Bhushan. Supported by Indian governmental authorities, the e-Eye® system was initially installed in 2011 as a pilot program in India’s Corbett Tiger Reserve. After monitoring the program’s results over two years, the Indian government decided to install e-Eye® in two more locations, Kaziranga National Park and the Ratapani Tiger Reserve. “The project has already proven its potential,” notes Bhushan.

Binomial Solutions has concentrated their efforts on working with governmental entities in India, where they are based and where tiger conservation is a major issue. “India has 50 tiger reserves, and all the tiger reserves deserve this kind of system,” says Bhushan. In addition, notes Singh, the pair has an eye on expanding their innovation to countries beyond India in the future.

All of our Prize Winners, including Binomial Solutions, are looking for partners, organizations, individuals, and funding agencies that can help them scale their solutions. If you would like more information, get in touch at info@wildlifecrimetech.org.

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